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MCS Caymax 200W panel is available

Newly MCS Accredited Caymax 200w Mono panels have been released for sale in the U.K. by Gigabiz Ltd. The new market leading 200w Mono panels have not yet been made available in Europe, yet Gigabiz Ltd has secured consistent supply for the U.K.

The simplicity of using 200w panels for the domestic MCS accredited Feed in Tariff market is obvious. This size is easy to market to the rapidly growing U.K. Domestic Market, and will allow maximisation of the 4kw maximum tariff.

The breakthrough has been achieved by Gigabiz Ltd, who control the manufacture, supply and distribution of the Caymax panels in the U.K. Continued investment in PV Cell manufacturing technology from one of the world’s leading Cell manufacturers has allowed the release of the 200w Mono panel, which leaves the Caymax as the leading efficiency Mono panel available on the market in the U.K.

The size of the panel has remained the same as the previous market leading 195w panels – 1580x808x35mm. Higher wattage panels allow the installers to achieve higher value installations using fewer panels. The higher wattage panels means that less panels are required for installations using less roof mountings, therefore offering considerably higher value to end customers. Equally there is a clear advantage for installers where space is limited, as the higher performance panels facilitate higher wattage installations than lesser performance panels.

Primarily offered as part of PV PRO SYSTEMS in their full kits, the new Caymax 200w panels are available from January 2011.

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